We are manufacturer of good quality shirts . With both tees and shirts that are used for the ISO, we are so confident in our fabrics . Better fabrics in the same class. Through the process of dyeing fabrics we use all 8 steps , which are a special dye . The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear , not hot coloreds sewing quality of skilled technicians . We are a factory mold We have a production cost cheaper. We are selling it at lowest price in its class. For those who buy to resell for a profit .
Our Products
1 - Female Singlet
2 - The Vest women notch
3 - Coat of arms Women 's U- shaped neck .
4 - Female T- shirt with sleeves .
5 - v-neck shirt with sleeves women .
6 - Male Vest Deep Concave
7 - Male Vest
8 - Sleeveless Male
9 - Men's round neck shirt with sleeves .
10 - Man v-neck shirt with sleeves .
There are a variety of fabric colors The order of the customer 's brand and the lowest price . We guarantee that our products are unbeatable .